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1985- (new Sheqel = 100 Agorot)Spares
NameYearCat.CompostionRemarksNauticalYearsGradeCat. valueRemarksIn Stock
1.Coin Image1 Agora1985KM# 156Aluminum Bronze1985-1991 all yearsNautical coin
Ancient galley
2.Coin Image1 Agora1987KM# 171Aluminum BronzeHanukkah, 1987-1991 all yearsNautical coin
Ancient galley
3.Coin Image1 Agora1988KM# 193Aluminum Bronze40th anniversary of independenceNautical coin
Ancient galley
4.Coin Image5 Agorot1985KM# 157Aluminum Bronze1985-92,94-06XF$0.1020
5.Coin Image5 Agorot1987KM# 172Aluminum BronzeHanukkah, 87-89,91,93,94,96,20081987,88,91AU$0.257
6.Coin Image5 Agorot1988KM# 194Aluminum Bronze40th anniversary of independence
7.Coin Image10 Agorot1985KM# 158Aluminum Bronze1985-2008 all years1986,88,91,93-05XF$0.1011
8.Coin Image10 Agorot1987KM# 173Aluminum BronzeHanukkah, 87-91,93,94,96,20081987UNC$0.408
9.Coin Image10 Agorot1988KM# 195Aluminum Bronze40th anniversary of independence
10.Coin Image1/2 new Sheqel1985KM# 159Aluminum Bronze1985-2010 all years except 1987,88Var.XF$0.3513
11.Coin Image1/2 new Sheqel1986KM# 167Aluminum BronzeBaron Edmund de Rothschild1986XF$1.006
12.Coin Image1/2 new Sheqel1987KM# 174Aluminum BronzeHanukkah, 87-94,96,98,20081987-93XF$0.458
13.Coin Image1/2 new Sheqel1988KM# 196Aluminum Bronze40th anniversary of independence
14.Coin Image1/2 new Sheqel1989KM# 202SilverLighthouse ASW .1967Nautical coin
Jaffa harbour
15.1/2 new Sheqel1996KM# 318BronzeHanukkah lamp from Russia
16.Coin Image1 new Sheqel1985KM# 160Copper Nickel1985-1993 all years1986,87XF$0.659
17.Coin Image1 new Sheqel1994KM# 160ANickel clad Steel1994-2006 all years1994-06XF$0.4514
18.Coin Image1 new Sheqel1991KM# 163Copper NickelHanukkah 86-92,94,96,20081987-93XF$0.703
19.Coin Image1 new Sheqel1988KM# 197Copper Nickel40th anniversary of independence
20.Coin Image1 new Sheqel1988KM# 198Copper NickelMaimonides (Rambam)1988XF$1.502
21.Coin Image1 new Sheqel1989KM# 203SilverLighthouse ASW .3935Nautical coin
Jaffa harbour
22.Coin Image1 new Sheqel1995KM# 287SilverAncient ship & anchor ASW .4282Nautical coin
Port of Caesarea
23.Coin Image2 Sheqalim1999KM# 334SilverAbraham looking to stars. ASW .8565
24.Coin Image5 new Sheqalim1990KM# 207Copper Nickel12 sided 1990-95,97-2000,20051990,92,2002,05XF$1.255
25.5 new Sheqalim2002KM# 207ACopper NickelRound 2002-2004
26.Coin Image5 new Sheqalim1990KM# 208Copper NickelLevi Eshkol1990VF$1.506
27.Coin Image5 new Sheqalim1990KM# 217Copper NickelHanukkah, 91-94,96,2008
28.Coin Image5 new Sheqalim1992KM# 237Copper NickelHaim Weizmann1992VF$1.507
29.Coin Image10 new Sheqalim1995KM# 270Bi Metal1995,2002,05,06,07,092002,05,06,09XF$3.004
30.Coin Image10 new Sheqalim1995KM# 273Bi MetalGolda Meir1995VF$3.255
31.Coin Image10 new Sheqalim1995Fake# 2Bi Metal
32.Coin Image10 new Sheqalim1997KM# 315Bi MetalHanukkah, 96,97,2008
33.Coin Image2 new Sheqalim2008KM# 433Nickel clad Steel2008+AU$1.53
34.2 new Sheqalim2008KM# newNickel clad SteelHanukkah, star of David
35.1/2 new Sheqel2008KM# newBronzeHanukkah lamp from Egypt
NameYearCat.IssueRemarksYearsGradeCat. valueRemarksIn Stock
1.Note Image1 new Sheqel1986Pick# 51A1st Series of New SheqelMaimonides (Rambam), Mandelbaum sig.1986UNC$1.805
2.Note Image5 new Sheqalim1985Pick# 521st Series of New SheqelLevi Eshkol, a=Mandelbaum-Shapira, b=Bruno-Lorenz (1987)1985AU$7.00a2
3.Note Image10 new Sheqalim1987Pick# 531st Series of New SheqelGolda Meir, a=Mandelbaum-Shapira, b=Bruno-Lorenz, c=Frenkel-Lorenz (1992)1985VF$11.00a2
4.Note Image20 new Sheqalim1987Pick# 541st Series of New SheqelMoshe Sharett, b=Bruno-Lorenz, c=Frenkel-Lorenz (1993)1993VF$9.00c2
1987 no circleVF+$9.00a1
5.Note Image50 new Sheqalim1985Pick# 551st Series of New SheqelS.Y. Agnon, a=Mandelbaum-Shapira, b=Bruno-Lorenz (1988), c=Frenkel-Lorenz (1992)1985VF$45.00a1
6.Note Image100 new Sheqalim1986Pick# 561st Series of New SheqelItzhak Ben-Zvi, a=Mandelbaum, b=Bruno-Lorenz (1989),c=Frenkel-Lorenz1989XF$70.00b1
7.Note Image200 new Sheqalim1991Pick# 571st Series of New SheqelZalman Shazar, b=Frenkel-Lorenz1991VF$75.00a1
8.Note Image50 new Sheqalim1988Pick# 581st Series of New SheqelS.Y. Agnon, Uncut sheet of 3 notes-In holder, 5 digits1988UNC$85.003 notes1
9.Note Image20 new Sheqalim1998Pick# 59a2nd Series of New SheqelMoshe Sharett, Sig: Frenkel-Lorenz
10.20 new Sheqalim2001Pick# 59b2nd Series of New SheqelMoshe Sharett, Sig: Klein-Lorenz2001UNC$10.505
11.Note Image50 new Sheqalim2001Pick# 602nd Series of New SheqelS.Y. Agnon, Sig: a. Klein-Lorenz b. Fischer-Fogel (2007)2001UNC$21.00a5
12.Note Image100 new Sheqalim2002Pick# 612nd Series of New SheqelItzhak Ben-Zvi, Sig: Klein-Lorenz2002UNC$40.003
13.100 new Sheqalim2007Pick# 61a2nd Series of New SheqelItzhak Ben-Zvi, Sig: Fischer-Fogel2007UNC$40.002
14.Note Image200 new Sheqalim1999Pick# 62a2nd Series of New SheqelZalman Shazar, Sig: Klein-Lorenz2006UNC$75.001
15.200 new Sheqalim2006Pick# 62b2nd Series of New SheqelZalman Shazar, Sig: Fischer-Fogel
16.Note Image20 new Sheqalim2008Pick# 64PolymerMoshe Sharett, Sig: Fischer-Fogel2008UNC$7.503
17.Note Image20 new Sheqalim2008Pick# 63Polymersame as #64 + "Israel 60th anniversary"2008UNC$11.505

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