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Greek EmpireSpares
NameYearCat.CompostionRemarksNauticalYearsGradeCat. valueRemarksIn Stock
1.Coin Image1 Pruta103-76 B.C# BronzeAlexander YannaiNautical coin
Seleucid anchor
2.Coin Image1 Pruta37-4 B.C# BronzeHerod the GreatNautical coin
Anchor, Galley
3.Coin Image1/2 Sheqel285-246 BC# 131BronzePtolemy II king of Egypt. Tyre mint
4.Coin Image1 Pruta132-130 BC# 451BronzeSELEUKID Kingdom, Antiochus VII struck in JerusalemNautical coin
Anchor / Lily

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