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Stoltenhoff IslandSpares
NameYearCat.CompostionRemarksNauticalYearsGradeCat. valueRemarksIn Stock
1.Coin Image1/2 Pence2008KM# newCopperNautical coin
West Riding Longboat
2.Coin Image1 Crown2008KM# newCopper Nickelsmall uninhabited island in the South Atlantic Ocean, governed as part of Tristan da Cunha,Nautical coin
Heure du Berger ship
3.Coin Image20 Pence2008KM# newBrassNautical coin
HMS Satellite
4.Coin Image2 Pence2008KM# newCopperNautical coin
HM Sloop of War Julia
5.Coin Image10 Pence2008KM# newCopper NickelNautical coin
HMS East Indiaman
6.Coin Image1 Penny2008KM# newCopperNautical coin
Portuguese Carrack
7.Coin Image25 Pence2008KM# newBi MetalNautical coin
Iron Barque West Riding
8.Coin Image5 Pence2008KM# newCopper NickelNautical coin
HMS Beagle

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